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Iain Banks - Complicity
Iain Banks - Complicity Sale price£4.99
Gossamer Penwyche - The World of Fairies
Brian Froud - Good Faeries Bad Faeries
Linwood Barclay - Far From True
Jack Kerouac - On the Road
James Herbert - The Rats
James Herbert - The Rats Sale price£5.99
Gregg Hurwitz - Orphan X
Gregg Hurwitz - Orphan X Sale price£3.99
Umberto Eco - The Name of the Rose
GURPS Steampunk RPG
GURPS Steampunk RPG Sale price£19.99
James Patterson - The River Murders
Jo Nesbo - Knife
Jo Nesbo - Knife Sale price£4.49
Ian Rankin - The Impossibe Dead
John Steinbeck - Of Mice and Men
David Baldacci - One Good Deed
Wilson Tucker - The Time Masters
Andrew Sugar - The Enforcer: Calling Doctor Kill
Laurence James - Starcross
Robert Silverberg - A Time of Changes
Ernest Tidyman - Shaft Among the Jews
Count Duckula and the Ghost Train Mystery - John Broadhead
Howard Lee -  Kung Fu The Way of The Tiger, The Sign of The Dragon
John Steinbeck - The Pearl
Terry Harknett - Crown: Macao Mayhem
Martin Caidin - Operation Nuke The Second Cyborg Adventure